Engineering technology


Powder paintshop


Vladimir Trojan Company


We deal with  different steel work production, for example staircases, railing, lampposts, frameworks for machines and production lines, roller tables, gates, fences,  cases for car industry and energetics, etc.


  • shear machine  – shear length  3m, metal plate  thickness up to 14mm
  • folding brake for metal plates - folding length of 3m, thickness of the metal plate up to 6mm
  • hydraulic press  – pressure force  40t
  • multi-purpose profile fold-bend machine for tubing and profiles

hydraulic press

  • hand-held plasma cutter – metal plate thickness – up to 4cm

  • lathe for material with the average of up  to 500mm

  • cutter

  • roll bending for sheets up to 12mm, width of 2 m

We create design documentation for engineering technology. We also provide zinc dipping in cooperation. Thanks to the above mentioned machines the company isn´t dependent on the cooperation with other engineering companies.

profile fold-bend machine

shear machine

folding brake for metal plates

Roll bending


Vladimír Trojan, Nemanická 438, 370 10 České Budějovice, Czech Republic, tel./fax: +420972544356